Case Study: Battling a Pandemic to Deliver Updated Systems for a New Client

A whole team working from home and a new client with a big project? We've got this.

The Challenge

Picture this. It’s early 2020 and a company reaches out needing help to design and develop a new settings manager for their medical billing company. Now picture the world shutting down due to a global pandemic, completely changing the landscape of how teams work together, while still needing to provide a top-notch product to the client. This is what Clear Function faced when we first started our engagement with a leading healthcare payment company, but like every project before, we welcomed the challenge.

Our client created software sold to hospital groups to help increase the number of hospital bills that get paid. By providing the patient with a transparent, itemized bill, they believe that they are more likely to pay when they understand the specifics of what they are paying for.

While the client already had a dedicated in-house development team that created the original software and was working to launch new versions. Clear Function was asked to step in when they needed help launching two new projects they couldn’t do on their own. The first was Settings Manager 3.0 and the second was Super Admin.

The Process

The first step in our process was to learn all we could about the product our client offered and understand what the previous versions of Settings Manager entailed. 2.0 allowed them to manage settings for specific bills effectively, but they could not easily be replicated for each new hospital group. In order to grow their client base, they needed a new architect base that would allow for easy and effective growth. 

With over 100 settings that needed to be able to be changed for each specific client, our main goal was to make the manager more user-friendly and speed up the process of making simple changes.

The Clear Function team identified the changes that needed to be made, executed them, and launched Settings Manager 3.0 to a great response. 

We also worked concurrently on Super Admin. It allowed them to track information about their hospital group clients in one central place. Clear Function created a system that tracked client name, code, and internal contact. With this in place, they were able to quickly make changes when needed. 

Both teams working completely remote was a new hurdle we had to overcome together. We were committed to learning new communication skills and a new industry. 

The Outcome

Before Clear Function stepped in to assist on the project, it took an average of 23 days for setting changes to go into effect. After our work, it went down to just 2.5 days. That was an exponential change we were able to bring for our client, and one we were super proud of. 

We are also proud of the ability to help save our client’s customer’s money because of our development.

Easier access to change settings and manage clients allows for their team to work faster and more efficiently. Saving our clients money and time is always our goal. 

Since working on Setting’s Manager 3.0 and Super Admin, we have been able to work on other projects with same client. We trust them and they trust us to provide them with highly functional and user-friendly development.