Client Projects

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons, but they always get good results.

Case Study: Rewriting 3 Apps, Updating 50 More & Unifying a Fragmented Legacy Codebase

(While thousands of People Were Still Using it.)

Case Study: Building an MVP for a SaaS Company

Clear Function faced a handful of challenges right out of the gate when a tech startup hired them.

Case Study: Enterprise IT Team Requests Assistance while Onboarding Azure

Evaluation of Azure's technical capabilities is only part of the cloud adoption process

Case Study: Ballpark owner leverages Clear Function

Transforming Ballpark into the go-to time tracking, invoicing and estimate software for freelancers and growing agencies

Case Study: Manufacturer Looks for Product Installation and Hosting

Clear Function has a large client in the manufacturing space, who needed to install a purchased application for the enterprise