Client Projects

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons, but they always get good results.

Case Study: The One Where We Added Tons of Custom Functionality to an Open-Source Platform

We've worked with churches before, but never quite like this.

Case Study: The One Where We Rewrote 3 Apps, Updated 50 More & Unified a Fragmented Legacy Codebase

While 1000s of People Were Still Using it

Case Study: The One Where We Built an MVP for a SaaS Company

Clear Function faced a handful of challenges right out of the gate when a tech startup hired them.

Enterprise IT Team Requests Assistance while Onboarding Azure

Evaluation of Azure's technical capabilities is only part of the cloud adoption process

Ballpark owner leverages Clear Function

Transforming Ballpark into the go-to time tracking, invoicing and estimate software for freelancers and growing agencies