Client Projects

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons, but they always get good results.

Case Study: The One Where We Created a Brand From Scratch, Provided Valuable Business Coaching, and Developed a Mobile App to Revolutionize Meal Planning

We tackled working with an offshore team and a Clear Function product manager to bring a high level of development to our client's application.

Case Study: The One Where We Added Tons of Custom Functionality to an Open-Source Platform

We've worked with churches before, but never quite like this.

Case Study: The One Where We Rewrote 3 Apps, Updated 50 More & Unified a Fragmented Legacy Codebase

While 1000s of People Were Still Using it

Case Study: The One Where We Built an MVP for a SaaS Company

Clear Function faced a handful of challenges right out of the gate when a tech startup hired them.

Enterprise IT Team Requests Assistance while Onboarding Azure

Evaluation of Azure's technical capabilities is only part of the cloud adoption process