April 29, 2020

A Digital Startup Guide to Defining Your Company Mission

Are you starting a software application or mobile app company? Before you launch your digital startup, it is important to build these six foundations for a thriving business.

  • Beliefs – your core convictions about right and wrong in the world
  • Purpose – what your beliefs drive you to do to improve the world
  • Vision – what the world looks like when you succeed
  • Mission – accomplishments necessary to turn your vision into reality
  • Values – the manner in which you carry out your mission
  • Promises – the trust-building commitments you make to your customers

These foundations must be properly aligned if you are to nurture employees and customers who know, like, and trust you. This translates to long-term profitability and growth! If you would like help defining these, this ebook is for you. Before you launch your digital startup be sure you have a strong foundation. Download this guide.

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