July 28, 2021

6 Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Starting your small business and launching your digital product is a huge accomplishment, but the launch buzz will only take you so far. Pretty soon you are going to need to develop an in-depth marketing strategy and stick to it.  A strong marketing strategy will connect you with the right customers, get people talking about your business, and set you up for financial success. 

When you think of marketing what comes to mind? Is it the traditional way of doing things like commercials, billboards, and mailers? Or is it the new way of doing things that involve social media, digital ads, and targeted website landing pages? 

At Clear Function we are digital experts. We stay up to date on current marketing trends so that our clients stand out above the competition. You can also stand out by avoiding these easy marketing mistakes.

Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid 

  1. Not Having a Clear Conversion Point On Your Website

The number one goal of your website is to see customers convert. This could be filling out a contact form if you are selling a service or actually buying a product if you sell something tangible. If a customer can’t easily find a button or form where they can take action they will leave your site. 

Experiment with buttons like “Buy Now,” “Shop Now,” or “Get Started.” See which works best for your business and then include that button on multiple pages. 

  1. Not Retargeting Potential Customers

What is retargeting? Using paid advertising to send ads to people who have visited your website but not converted. People who have visited your website are the most likely to make a purchase because they already have an understanding of who you are as a business. 

The first question to ask is why did they not convert? Did your website not have a clear conversion point or do they need a message targeted specifically to them? These are issues you can fix with a targeted ad. Through Google Ads, you can target only customers who have visited your website and increase your chances of converting! 

  1. Not Reengaging Old Customers

Customers who have bought from you and had a good experience are your best target market. When you add new products or service offerings they are more likely to purchase them because they already trust you as a business. Add all previous customers to an email mailing list and continue to build and maintain the relationship you have with them through frequent email communications and sales offerings. 

You can also reach out to them for testimonials to use in marketing material. Reading customer reviews is an easy way for new customers to convert. 

  1. Not Using Social Media Correctly

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, but if you don’t use it correctly you can end up losing money. Advertising is available on almost every large social media platform. If you take one piece of information from this article it should be this: don’t just use the boost button!

Create detailed, strategic social media ad campaigns. Spend time targeting your specific customer group, creating compelling images, and writing copy that helps customers convert. Boosting specific posts will only get you so far, but the other marketing tools available through social media are easy to learn and have the potential to bring many new customers. 

Of course, if tackling social media and ads seems like a daunting task, we recommend hiring an external marketing team. The Clear Function team has years of experience doing just that, and more! Contact us today to learn how we can help you grow. 

  1. Not Understanding What’s Happening On Your Website

Did you create your website years ago and haven’t edited it since? Your website is never really done! You can always make changes based on feedback and analytics on how customers interact with your content. 

Google Analytics is free so you have no reason not to use it! Learning where customers are clicking and how long they are staying on specific pages can help you understand why they aren’t converting. Don’t be afraid to change copy and images, update the style, and get rid of old information. 

  1. Not Leveraging Google My Business 

Another free resource businesses should take advantage of is Google My Business. When a customer searches for your business name or description, your Google listing is the first thing they see. Keeping your business hours updated, including photos or your logo, allowing people to post reviews, and running promotions is a simple but effective marketing tool. Without a Google My Business page, you will be losing to your competitors!

Evaluate Your Current Marketing Strategy or Create One Today! 

Are you making any of these mistakes in your day-to-day business marketing? These are all easy mistakes to fix by you or your trusted marketing team! Remember that digital marketing is a fast-moving and ever-changing field. If you try something new and don’t see results, change your path! 

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