Case Study: Creating a Name, Logo, and Brand Identity for a New Gym

Starting from scratch to create an award-winning brand identity for a new gym.

As business owners know, building a new brand from the ground up is no easy task. There are many questions you need to answer before you can get started, such as:  What should it look like to the public? How should it make people feel? Will the brand draw in customers?

It’s all about connecting the dots between what you are selling and who you are trying to reach. One of the central components of making that connection is beginning the entire process with a solid brand identity. Partnering with a creative agency allows you to have a cohesive brand design based on the collective work of graphic designers, copywriters, brand strategists, and business coaches to help you develop all of the elements that your business needs to succeed. 

Recently we tackled a complete brand overhaul for a new gym in Memphis. The owner came to us with a solid idea: to combine his skills as a certified personal trainer and business owner with the convenience and reduced costs of an open gym.

The Process

We started the engagement with an initial meeting between our client and our full team. We began to get a feel for the vision the client had for opening his future gym. We heard words like ‘open feel, strong lines, and new offering.’ After our initial meeting we went back and researched within our team to first come up with a name that we thought fit the new concept.

The Name: Meridian

For the name, they wanted to capture a lifestyle that combined the focused attention and rigor of personal training, with the convenience and accessibility of an open gym. A gym that is less expensive, has personal training options, and lets you come on your own timeline. We chose Meridian because it means ‘middle’ and we saw the gym offering as the perfect line between personal training and open access.

The Logo

The process for creating a brand’s logo starts by first assessing the competition. You want to make sure that your logo does not mirror other similar brands. For Meridian, we researched similar personal training gyms in the area and national brands that were dominating the fitness space. 

The client liked the look and feel of big-name brands like Peloton and Tonal but wanted something unique that would appeal to the local Memphis fitness community. For the first pass, we presented our client with 3 different logo options.

Option 1

A concept highlighting the idea of people from different locations and aspects of life working through a unified program toward better health and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Option 2

A concept inspired by the movement of light—a continuous movement of reaching goals and seeing a brighter future.

Option 3

A concept that meets in the middle of the other two concepts. The subtle slope at the base of the text eludes to seeing and reaching ahead while placing the “MT” logo mark tall and firm above the horizon to give a sense of accomplishment and strength.

The Winner

The Results

Having a solid logo in place, we were then ready to begin executing the marketing materials. We created a website that was modern, sleek, and innovative. They also brought us on to assist with the design of the interior and exterior of the gym itself – bringing the logo to life!

Through rounds of copy and image edits with our client, we were able to launch the website and open Meridian to the public. We even ended up winning two awards for our creative branding work: A Silver Davey Award for logo, and a Gold Marcom Award for brand guidelines

Opening up a gym post-pandemic was a risky move, but with the help from Clear Function, Meridian was able to open and offer its services to a public that was eager for a new fitness option. 

Are you interested in creating a brand identity with the help of Clear Function? Schedule a call with our team to get started.