We develop systems to grow product businesses.

Working with a new developer? Need a second opinion on one of your products? Have a legacy codebase you’re looking to evolve? We’ll use our years of practical experience to assess your situation, provide practical recommendations and implement your approved changes. We follow industry best practices and leverage agile methodologies so that projects stay in-line with business needs, and your team and your applications operates efficiently and effectively.

Every product needs a plan. Clear Function can help with that.

Consulting Specialists

We’ll consult with you to show you how to run and care for your product business in order to target your long-term sustainability. We know how to build an app, run it well, care well, scale well, support well, to ensure resiliency and redundancy in all the right places.

Client Story

Growing Up and Out

This company was ready to grow but didn’t have the plan, the team, or the tools to scale. We turned the lights on and delivered a plan to increase a stunning increase in project velocity.

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