Client Stories

We approach every project uniquely, but always with the same mindset: help our clients find the best way to achieve their goals.

Service: Software Development

Fresh Solution to an Old Problem

A large non-profit came to us needing an upgrade for their outdated online learning system. We built a better, streamlined solution that resulted in both an increase in student engagement and a more efficient, sustainable workflow for staff members.

The Problem

All of the client’s curriculum was managed by hand using an antiquated system. The staff spent days – even weeks – wrangling content. Students were frustrated by unintuitive navigation. They needed a technology developed that was less cumbersome and time-consuming – a streamlined solution to handle curriculum management and student engagement.

The Solution

By providing a digital platform for managing the curriculum, Clear Function reduced the required staff management drastically. The platform also included a student portal for interacting with educational materials in a way that was simple, fresh and functional. Students are now more engaged; instructors have higher visibility into student interactions; staff has more time for other important tasks and projects.

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The Result

Reduced Admin Load

The clients new student portal and media platform has provided a massive reduction in time required to serve up digital curricula and media required for students. The content portal allows for permanent storage, easy management, and video content development and integration. Key to this project’s success was the elimination of a large number of online media sources the client was using.

Service: Product Growth

Growing Up and Out

This company was ready to grow but didn’t have the plan, the team, or the tools to scale. We turned the lights on and delivered a plan to increase a stunning increase in project velocity.

The Problem

This company encountered a classic business problem—they discovered they were only serving a niche area of the market but were certain of their product’s future potential. They had an exceptional new feature set outlined to take their product to the next level and clearly differentiate themselves in their market. This team was understaffed to meet project deadlines and lacked the processes and tooling to support the increase in scale from new client/user growth anticipated with the release of this project’s feature set.

The Solution

Clear Function refined and clarified the project scope which revealed the true scale of the project. Then we introduced additional integrations, highlighted infrastructure needs, as well as system load and server scaling requirements. We scaled their team to match the scope and project timeline and delivered a once niche product to a large ecosystem, positioned to quickly become the market leader.


The Result

4x Increase in Project Velocity

The project velocity increased by a factor of four after increasing team size, implementing an agile development methodology, introducing a ticketing system to track development progress for stakeholders, and adding integrated tooling to provide visibility into each aspect of the project.

Service: Systems Consulting

Getting Bigger – and Better

A project growing in size and scale needed a bigger team, an architecture upgrade, and better server availability. We delivered all three.

The Problem

An 8+ year old legacy system with a planned product overhaul needed to be upgraded to support anticipated traffic and customer growth of 300%. The existing development environments were brittle and inefficient in supporting a substantial development project by a sizable team, and dev tooling was greatly lacking.

The Solution

We served in a DevOps role, introduced a code review process and an automated deployment solution to help remove manual errors and inefficiencies in the movement of code between lower environments. We quickly onboarded 9 additional developers and implemented scalable processes and tooling in order to support the larger team  After reviewing their current architecture, we converted the client’s legacy code base to C#, and introduced a web farm, Redis session state, and a database solution with Amazon RDS to increase the overall availability of the system. We also provided solutions architecture consulting by reviewing various 3rd party solutions to support additional feature needs.

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The Result

Positioned for Success

As a result of our changes, the system now has solid fault tolerance and is easily able to handle the increased load both from a development and client/user perspective. Even with the large number of developers operating on the codebase – all works in harmony to help the client meet their project goal.