February 3, 2021

Why You Need a Mission Statement and How to Write One in 3 Easy Steps

Companies who know why they exist and what their overall goal is are poised to succeed far better than companies that don’t. This sense of knowing who you are is called your mission. An easy way to convey this knowledge is through a mission statement.

In today’s article, we will go through why having a strong mission statement is essential and will present the framework so that you can craft your own. We crafted Clear Function’s mission statement through Business Made Simple University’s course ‘Mission Statement Made Simple (MSMS).’ It allowed us to easily present our goals and inform our employees what they should be working towards.

Why Does Your Company Need a Mission Statement?

One thing that cripples businesses is a lack of focus. Without a goal to motivate employees, there is not a clear sense of what you should actually be doing. It might sound easy to settle on a company mission like “make a profit” or “get 10 new customers,” but these goals leave several unanswered questions. What is the problem, how long should it take, and what is the reasoning behind it are just a few.

Before Clear Function had our current mission statement, our employees were still doing good and valuable work. Although, if you asked them what the purpose of their work was, they wouldn’t have a clear answer. Knowing the why behind your work and who you are doing it for is important. This is where your mission statement can inspire and lead your team.

A well thought out and clear mission statement is focused and points toward the future. It identifies the purpose of your work, empathizes with the customer, and points toward growth. When employees read the mission statement they should feel confident that the work they are doing is meaningful.

Write Your Mission Statement

Mission statements can be over-complicated and hard to remember. When writing yours, try to keep it simple and concise. Here is an example of Clear Function’s mission statement:

“Business leaders deserve better support to solve problems and capture opportunities. Clear Function supports leaders by building digital platforms and marketing solutions to help them grow their businesses with confidence.”

The easiest way to begin is to follow the MSMS 3-step plan.

Step 1: Introduce the Conflict

What problem are your customers facing? This should be the number one thing you aim to solve for your customers. If your company isn’t solving a problem, is it a needed business?

Step 2: Define a Destination

Where will you take the customers? This destination is the solution you offer to solve the problem. The destination should be clearly defined and you should be a direct response to the conflict. You care about your customers and want to see them reach their destination.

Step 3: Foreshadow the Stakes

What is at stake if your customers don’t use your product/service? Your customers want to see the conflict they are facing gone. Stressing what would happen if they don’t reach their destination, with your product or service, helps to install a sense of urgency in your customers and employees.

Let’s break up our mission statement:

Conflict: “Business leaders deserve better support to solve problems and capture opportunity” Business leaders don’t have the support they need and we know that. Without it, they face the daily problems that could cripple their business.

Destination: “Clear Function supports leaders by building digital platforms and marketing solutions” To solve the conflict we offer the ultimate destination – support of digital platforms and marketing solutions.

Stakes: “Help them grow their businesses with confidence.” With our company you will grow your business, without us you run the risk of not growing.

The Risk of Not Having a Clear Mission Statement

When your company doesn’t have a clear mission statement, the team will not know where they are going. Employees can make decisions that change the direction of where you go as a company. Although they could be doing a good job of completing what needs to be done, they aren’t moving toward your goal.

Even hiring new employees without a solid mission statement can cause divisions. How will you know if a new employee aligns with what your company believes and where you want to go if you don’t clearly know that yourself? Making sure you have a mission statement that guides their actions will be crucial to the success of your business.

Take the Business Made Simple Course With a Certified Coach

Business Made Simple University offers “Mission Statement Made Simple” and several other programs to help you grow your business. Along with learning about mission statements, you can also take courses on brand messaging, proposals, and even productivity. You can sign up to take all of the courses by visiting their website, or better yet take the course with our Business Made Simple Certified Coach.

Certified business coaching is a complete game-changer when it comes to starting your business or for companies who want to find new means of creating revenue. Coaches elevate your work and help you expand beyond your internal thinking. Clear Function coaches have a history of success working with profitable businesses and you could be next! Contact us today to get started!

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