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  • How to Fund Your App Development: 3 Popular Options

    You have a revolutionary idea for an app, but when it comes to figuring out how much it will cost, you are lost. Without guidance on how to get funding, your app might never see the light of day. This is where the Clear Function team can help! We’ve taken our clients through the process […]

  • 8 Steps to Creating Your First App

    If you are coming to this article, it means that you have an idea for an app or are looking into the process of app development. We are experts in this field and sharing this valuable information can help you on your journey to entering the technology world! Our process typically involves 8 steps that […]

  • How to Use the 5 Levels of Customer Awareness to Win at Marketing

    Marketing is essential to building and growing a customer base for your business and to make a profit. In 2021, digital marketing is the most valuable resource businesses can use, but how can you make sure that the effort you are putting into your marketing plan will pay off? Let us introduce you to the […]

  • Why Storytelling is Key to Successful Marketing

    To win in marketing you must learn how to become a storyteller. You might think that stories only have a place in bestselling books or blockbuster movies, but the truth is that stories are an integral part of our lives. They connect people, dreams, businesses, brands, and products. Without the connection stories bring, businesses can […]