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  • Discovering Your Brand Identity: Tools for creating your brand and building a brand board.

    As a new company, how you portray yourself to your customers is incredibly important. This reputation is called your Brand Identity. In our two previous articles, we dived into what makes your brand unique and the fundamentals of your business that must be aligned to earn the trust of your customers. We also discussed where […]

  • Discovering Your Brand Identity: Finding Your Customers and Validating Your Problem

    A brand’s identity is essential to its success. Without a clear understanding of who you are and who your customers are, you risk falling behind in the marketplace. In our previous article, you learned about how to craft your brand identity and clarify the fundamentals of your business. It is important to know these fundamentals, […]

  • Discovering Your Digital Product’s Brand: How to align your brand’s beliefs and earn the trust of your customers.

    As you start the entrepreneurial journey, you will soon realize that to have a successful product you need to have a solid brand identity. Without a clear sense of who your brand is, you risk failing due to a whole list of issues, including lack of leadership, uniqueness, and value. Even though these issues are […]

  • How to Use The Lean Canvas Template on Your Next Product Idea

    Starting a business is hard. As a new entrepreneur, you will face a lot of uncertainties, especially in your first year. One of the first problems you face is how to articulate your idea to others. Although, with the right tools in place, you can clarify your message and learn how to communicate your idea […]