Episode 1: The Power of Ideation

Welcome to the Digital Startup podcast! Our first episode is all about ideation. Ideation can help you prioritize your ideas and find a problem to solve in your area of expertise. Learn how to get started and how a business coach can elevate the process!



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    Are you ready to start your business? Or do you already have one that is struggling to make a profit? The pandemic has impacted small businesses immensely, but your business can thrive with the right marketing plan and a wise budget.  With marketing leaders worldwide promising amazing results if you take their classes or use […]

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  • 6 Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

    Starting your small business and launching your digital product is a huge accomplishment, but the launch buzz will only take you so far. Pretty soon you are going to need to develop an in-depth marketing strategy and stick to it.  A strong marketing strategy will connect you with the right customers, get people talking about […]

  • Top Factors to Consider When Starting a Support Department

    You spend time and money every day developing your digital product into something you are proud of. As much as you try to perfect your products, glitches and bugs will always happen. With a tight schedule, how can you ensure that you find the problems and address them quickly? Welcome to the support department.  The […]