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Vision Requires Great Execution to Succeed

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90% of digital startups fail. After all the time and money invested, founders deserve better. Skip the heartache. You need an experienced technical partner who offers product coaching, software engineering, and digital marketing at a fair price so you can dramatically increase your chances of success.

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How it Works


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Work with an experienced product coach to envision and improve your solution to a real-world problem.


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We work to understand your target customers and their experience with the problem your are solving.


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We craft your solution into a visual format and gather valuable feedback to improve the design.


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It’s time to put our software engineers to work! We will develop and test the user interface and back-end systems.


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We will deploy your application so your customers can experience the solution to their problems.

Platforms We Support

Your idea needs a product team you can trust to make it a reality. Clear Function will assemble a team that’s right for your specific needs, whether you are a solopreneur looking for an entire technical team, or a startup team looking for product management or engineering. We’ll help you launch and evolve your product for a price that fits your budget.

Who Needs This

  • Honest outside assessment of the idea by experienced product coaches
  • Build a better product blending best practices with outside-the-box thinking
  • Save time and money by learning from the experience of others early
  • Alignment of technical teams with owner vision
  • Clarity on real progress toward strategic company goals

Previous Projects

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I have worked with Clear Function on the development of my app for the last two years and I have been highly impressed. They have a great work culture, knowledgeable leadership, and a highly skilled & collaborative team with eyes set on delivering perfect end-user products and services.


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