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December 20, 2016

3 Strategies for Sourcing Great Developers Online

In our last post on sourcing great local developers, we laid out our process for finding talent in your market. Depending on your city and your needs, you might be able to find the right person for the job nearby. But in our experience, restricting yourself to local hires can shrink the candidate pool to […]

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November 29, 2016

The Talent and Budget Benefits of Hiring a Remote Contractor

At some point your company will need to hire for a new project or job. In a perfect world, your ideal hire would live nearby. He or she would be available to start immediately. You could make space at your office and add the newcomer to your existing workflow. But what if you can’t find […]

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November 15, 2016

Hiring a Short-Term Software Consultant – How to Prepare

Many companies benefit from a bringing in a short-term software consultant. This role goes by different names: tech lead, interim CTO, senior developer, and even product owner. A development consultant may help you architect the project, think through budget, and identify a minimum marketable feature set. He or she may explain the strengths and limitations […]

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October 31, 2016

How to Be a Good Client for an Agency – Part II

In our first post about how to be a good client for an agency, we shared four pointers for making yourself attractive to high-end software developers: Change the way you think about software development. Prepare to spend money on consulting, not just code. Manage your expectations. Bring a cohesive vision. We began that post by […]

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October 21, 2016

How to Be a Good Client for an Agency

Today, we want to share our perspective on what makes a good client for a software development shop like Clear Function. There are a lot of developers out there—approximately 11 million, according to IDC. There are also a lot of car repair shops. You want honest, skilled mechanics working on your car, and you want […]

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